If you'd like me to create a cross stitch pattern for you from a photograph that you own, email me @ mellanie@xstitchart.com and the image/picture/photograph that you want converted into a cross stitch pattern on as an attachment. Tell me 1) if you want me to email me you back your cross stitch pattern or 2) sent the paper copy thru the mail so I can give you an estimate. I f you agree with the estimate, I will deliver your pattern as you have chosen within 10 working days from receipt of payment.
     I also need for you to tell me how many colors you want on your cross stitch pattern. The more colors used in your image/picture/photograph, the better the final outcome. I use DMC which now has 454 solid embroidery color threads. As you can imagine a pattern would not look as good with only 10 to 20 colors rather than using 30 or more colors. But is all depends on the image and how you want the colors to blend.